The "higher" neurological circuits are actually inherent. That is, they involve a redirection of consciousness through pathways in the fabric of the cosmos itself. That is, they are actually fundamentally extant in matter, energy, and information. They are not developing along evolutionary lines; they have been there all along. (It may, however, be the next step in our evolution to activate them in significant numbers).

The higher circuits become activated (and potentially imprinted) when, simply enough, the power of the neural pathways, which are primarily electrical, increases to certain thresholds. Certain substances, as neurotransmitters, can artificially manipulate the electric highways of the nervous system into ratcheting the energy output to a sufficient level that latent potentials for consciousness become realized. It is, quite simply, a matter of the level of power coursing through the nervous system.

Nietzsche emphatically did not mean for his concept of the "superman" to be construed as an evolutionary phenomenon.

The seventh (neuro-electric) circuit recapitulates the theory of relativity, especially the corollary E=mc². The eighth (neuro-atomic) circuit recapitulates quantum mechanics, especially Bell non-locality. When one imprints these circuits and has even a cursory knowledge of physics, these theories are illuminated and illustrated in an overpowering and affirmative fashion. The structural functionality of the mind mirrors that of the reality of modern physics. The realization that the innermost mind and the outermost universe are identical (or at least, in less strong language, wholly complementary) should not be taken lightly.

Trying to imagine metaprogramming awareness is like trying to imagine seeing three-hundred and sixty degrees all at once. It is to transcend spacetime and to transcend conventional modes of what we call perspective.

Can one in principle metaprogram multiple universes?

Metaprogramming awareness is really the way one transcends the ego and makes real choices. Most people are stuck in instinctive, unreflective robotism, and they don't even know it.

The eight circuits are the universe, nature. What is beyond that is beyond the universe, is supernatural. Why assume existence as a whole is restricted to our universe?

The "higher" circuits are active in the subconscious at a baseline level at all times, which one realizes upon ratcheting up the energy of the nervous system by whatever means -- the perspective shifts so radically that one can see it was happening the whole time. So we are conscious of these processes, but not necessarily aware of them most of the time. Higher consciousness is not some magical place elsewhere. It all happens right here, right now.

Metaprogramming may not really be "free will" per se, but it dramatically augments one's capacity for choosing.

The key in activating the "higher" neurological circuits is in re-routing one's ordinary perception, one's primary waking consciousness into and through the subconscious mind. Consciousness on higher circuits is consciousness that has been channeled through what are normally not consciously experienced processes governing the operation of the brain. Once you become suddenly aware of these processes that most people have no idea about, well, Prometheus is rising, I guess.

Everett's Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics recapitulates Leary-Wilson's seventh "meta-programming" circuit. Bohm's "implicate order" (and more technically his "quantum potential") recapitulates Leary-Wilson's eighth "non-local quantum" circuit. There is no analog in Leary-Wilson's scheme for Bohm's "super-implicate order."

Metaprogramming awareness occurs when consciousness gets channeled through the electric pathways of the brain. Upon activation, one becomes instantly cognizant of the numerous different routes thoughts can take, rather than the ordinary awareness of only one of them. And one even has some agency here.

The psychology of Aristotelian logic and the Hegelian dialectic is based essentially upon the function of the rational-mental-symbolic circuit. Quantum psychology is based essentially upon the spectral nature and many possibilities (or probabilities) of the neuroelectric-metaprogramming circuit.

We all know at this point that the basic behavior of our universe is governed essentially by particles interacting at the atomic level. All of the objects in explicate reality, our bodies and brains are composed of atoms. What many do not know is that consciousness can be directed, through the nervous system, into the ground of this atomic realm, opening up objective reality and demonstrating that reality is ultimately made of consciousness -- some say mind or spirit. This most fundamental and highest dimension of the universe then opens up to higher dimensions beyond that.

I believe that the subconscious mind is actually conscious, but that our normal waking consciousness simply does not have access to it.

Before one can have any sort of idea about a particular territory, one has to have some sort of guide, or map. The best map thus far devised to describe human existence is the Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness. And certainly, it is also the most overlooked.

Thought and emotion are very, very deeply connected. It is virtually impossible for someone to have an emotion, and not have a corresponding mental state, and it is also virtually impossible to have a thought that does not generate some sort of emotion. When one is talking about one, one is necessarily talking about the other as well.

The "higher" circuits of the Eight Circuit Model are emphatically not evolutionary. The "lower" four are. In order to activate the higher circuits, neurological signals tune into extant but perceptually inactive pathways in a physical rather than biological process. This implies, of course, that the higher circuits have always existed, and did not evolve into existence to pave the way for space migration. It also implies that, for example, a dog possesses higher circuits. I, for one, have no problems philosophically with these implications.

The two ways to transcend the clutches of time are to channel consciousness into the neuro-atomic non-local quantum circuit, or to merge or fuse with a black hole. The former option is, obviously, more accessible.

I acknowledge that Leary-Wilson's sixth "neurogenetic" circuit exists, but I have to question its future relevance. With artificial superintelligence all but a foregone conclusion at this point, I have trouble visualizing any future for DNA beyond more than thirty years or so from now. Call me cynical; I have always wondered what bright future psychonauts are tuning into on this circuit.

There is absolutely no point in over-thinking things. People get drunk on intellectual realization, and more often than not perceive things that aren't there, or get wrapped up in explanations which are pointless. The rational mind is invaluable, but it can easily be taken too far -- it can run amok.

The first circuit represents organic consciousness.

What happens when you understand your fourth circuit?

The implicate, conscious ground collapses into mass-energy at every point of spacetime, over and over, billions of times a second, giving rise to the explicate structures of Nature which, as a result of this fact, are only relatively invariant but are at a finer level undergoing a rapid, constant rate of change. This is mirrored in the interface between human consciousness and the human mind, in which the quantum circuit informs neuroelectricity in every instant, superposing as a set of different possible choices or mindsets, which collapse during a conscious event of perception into a given awareness or state of mind. So we can see there is a real oneness between the consciousness of Nature itself, and also the primate mind. In truth, it is only one process.

I've always had the impression that self-programming constitutes our normal behaviors -- thought, emotion, fight/flight, social behaviors (and the huge number of associated behaviors that occur in practice in such general categories) -- and how we relate to them in terms of our lower self. So, say someone tells you to raise your arm and you do it; that would be an example of self-programming. Self-metaprogramming, on the other hand, refers to the process whereby we become conscious of the self-programming function within the nervous system. So, in terms of self-programming, you just had a thought and you're only conscious of that thought. In terms of self-metaprogramming, you're conscious of that thought and a plethora of others that almost got thought but didn't quite, and are in principle able to then choose options willfully, once you have facility with metaprogramming. It becomes, then, a dramatically augmented faculty for choosing, although I don't think it quite constitutes true free will, necessarily.

I think a large part of what we mean when we call a person "intelligent" is that they are especially good at developing the dialectic, unifying theses and antitheses into new syntheses. I would add, however, that there are many other types of intelligence than just the rational-mental.

Consciousness-expanding substances can only be as revolutionary as the individuals taking them.

Each time we're about to have a thought, the brain has several options regarding how it can proceed. The one it chooses may be not much better than others it could have selected (taking control of this choosing apparatus constitutes metaprogramming). This may have something to do with the Born rule and the statistical nature of the wave function. The thought process can only be described probabilistically, and we only know which route the brain decided to take once the thought has become manifest. Now, as with quantum mechanics, the picture doesn't end there. There are many processes not accounted for at this level of understanding; as with quantum mechanics, this is only the latest deepest level we're aware of. The physical processes at work run much deeper than this statistical, Copenhagen description can address. But one begins to see the isomorphism between quantum theory and human consciousness.

Emotional intelligence is not very intelligent.

There seems to be an extremely close -- if not exact -- correlation between the various levels of the Chakras and those delineated by the Eight-Circuit Model of consciousness. Not enough is known about either to speculate further....

Nothing becomes everything on the quantum circuit. Void becomes infinity. The phantoms that do not exist outside of your skull are at once made real. Until one imprints this circuit, the only major realization can be yoga -- union. Reality can only be experienced as yin and yang -- outside and inside are complementary and neither can exist without the other. Later on, this duality disappears completely.

The Eight-Circuit Model of consciousness is one of the greatest, and most overlooked, contributions to science of the twentieth century. I am very curious as to when we will ascribe to it the recognition it deserves.

Leary and Wilson's exposition of the Neurogenetic Circuit -- the neurophysical circuit which gives rise to awareness of both the past and future evolution of DNA -- gives me considerable pause. These brilliant pioneers were absolutely right that the phenomenon of awareness of genetic intelligence occurs in a psychedelic state. About that there is no question. But I have to wonder whether this phenomenon really merits the assignment of a fundamental circuit in order to explain it. Perhaps it does. But my attention is drawn to the fact that, in all likelihood, humanity's future will not be genetic, as the mantle will have been passed to Cybernetic Intelligence, which will be infinitely more powerful and intelligent than we have ever been. If there is no ostensible genetic future, what precisely is it that all of these seekers who refer to the Eight Circuit Model are experiencing of future evolution -- if there really won't be any future for human genes? DNA, in thirty years, will be all but completely irrelevant. What immortal future are some of these psychonauts seeing?

I regard the higher circuits as, no less real but, constituting physical rather than strictly evolutionary (by the theory of natural selection) processes. I believe, for example, that dogs have higher circuits (although, admittedly, they cannot use them as articulately as we can). It's physics, not biology.

When I say I think the circuits delineated by the Eight Circuit Model are at bottom a result of inherently physical rather than primarily biological processes, I do not mean they are any less fundamental -- they are in fact all the more so. I mean that, in a sense, each one is generated by and made up of, or energized by, the next highest, and that the "highest" -- the eighth -- is actually the most fundamental. So that we see, for example, the metaprogramming circuit, which has to do with electromagnetic phenomena, specifically the conscious visualization of relativity and the speed of light, in turn opens out of -- or is in a sense composed of -- the non-local quantum circuit. (What we see in the neurological continuum is identical to what the physics community has discovered scientifically -- only it is through a conscious agency of the brain. This of course pertains to the basic and fundamental identity without and within the conscious individual, which is the subject of a different though related discussion).

Reality doesn't stop at eight circuits. The multiverse is like a giant, vibrating brain with a multitude of circuits. The higher circuits -- really, the eighth and above -- constitute what we have come to know anecdotally as "heaven." And we should conceive more intelligently of how we perceive the circuits. We think of the first as the "lowest," the first. But really, it is the furthest outgrowth from the source that there is. Don't let time confuse you. Eukaryotic cells are further from the source than a woman yodeling, even though they came first in the subjective course of time. Eventually, the multiverse will come into focus.

Conscious activation of the eighth circuit manifests as the direct physical manifestation of the wavefunction. Superposition and collapse, entanglement and nonlocality. One can actually witness the very fundament of the quantum theory one has learned about and struggled to understand, in a kind of psychonautical, participatory vista.

I'm not sure I understand how the neurogenetic circuit synchs up, but I do acknowledge that genetic, historical and cultural memories -- many of which have been shown to be surprisingly accurate -- have been repeatedly accessed by people taking LSD or other substances.

Perhaps Leary was right. Perhaps DNA has a kind of consciousness and evolves through time nonrandomly. This would explain the neurogenetic circuit. Perhaps its consciousness, like normal waking consciousness, tunnels its way through time so that it can deliver a coherent and orderly result. If this were true, it would turn academic evolutionary theory on its head.

The "future" circuits of Wilson and Leary aren't future circuits at all; they've been with us the entire time. Certainly, the future development of the species, if continued unabated, would have to incorporate them. But the chakras, which power the circuits, have been there all the time. The inference, which seems accurate, is that primitive man experienced these putatively "future" circuits throughout the whole of his existence. What we have in civilized man is an artificially limited or stunted specimen, that is only rediscovering his true nature through the phenomenon of mind expansion -- with psychedelic drugs, meditation, or what have you. He is rediscovering the true self of homo sapiens. Is he doing this in time? Does it matter?

The physical sensations of the body are really qualia of the brain; the neural interface between body and brain constitutes the neurosomatic circuit. Mastery of this circuit is a kind of "hack" -- or one could even potentially call it a sort of metaprogramming of the body. Naturally, mastery of this circuit could confer many hedonic advantages.

Once one gets to the non-local quantum arena, it feels like one is made of Schrodinger's equation. I know of no other ordinary way to put it.

Not conscious of higher circuits. Conscious on higher circuits.

It is not necessary to incorporate concepts of space migration in a consistent formulation of the Eight-Circuit Model.

The eight circuits are not for space migration. They are not properly for anything.

Fourth circuit social activity among the civilized is certainly more complicated than that among our forbears, but not fundamentally different. There is indeed anatomical equivalency.

In samadhi, there is both a supreme connection with, and total severance from, the body.

Metaprogramming is what happens at a certain energy level of the nervous system.

Monks isolate themselves so that they can understand the function of the fourth circuit -- and transmute it.

People can only accept that for which they are prepared. One cannot understand something for which one is not ready. One cannot communicate meaningfully with most people on this planet.

Fixed moral systems can be problematic. A conscientious personal morality is the best and only guide.

The second circuit can be imprinted for some territoriality, much territoriality, or no territoriality depending on ecological necessity.

Is sociality different between humans and other group species, in essence? If not, how is the fourth circuit unique to humans? To argue that it is seems to contradict the findings of sociobiology.

Sex and death are perhaps the two primary drivers of human -- and all animal -- behavior. All evolutionary circuits, including especially the fourth and the first, respectively, operate on this principle.

The minority now in existence who understand and sympathize with my ideas are those who, for whatever reasons, are constituted in such a way that their higher circuits receive emphasis. Hopefully more can climb out of the hole and join us; certainly, Earth could use it right now.

Metaprogramming awareness is the closest thing one can get as a human being to "free" will. Without operating on this circuit I think one can definitely be said not to possess it.